The Hotel Colonial San Agustin is part of the downtown historic Quito, considered World Site Heritage by Unesco.

In 1934, the Espinosa family bought this property located across from the Convent of St. Augustine, and only two blocks away from the Independence Square and Presidential Palace. The San Agustin House, as the family named it, served as a Guest Home of important figures and international visitors of the time.

In 1979, the youngest daughter of the Espinosa Family and her husband inherited the house and named it after the Church of St. Augustine, one of the seven monumental churches in historic downtown Quito.

In 2017, the management of the hotel was transferred to the family's third generation. The House was fully renovated keeping the colonial architecture intact and updating the rooms to provide facilities with modern comfort.

Our Mission

With the goal in mind of preserving the history of the old town and the hotel, the new management has embarked on the mission of promoting and recovering the downtown colonial area, the culture and diversity of the local community, as such, all products are sourced from small local businesses, the furniture was hand made by local artisans, the handcrafted products exhibited at the hotel are hand made by members of the staff.